Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tips for Excel Homework Due 9/28

Please remember to use cell references when entering parameter values.  You will save yourself a lot of time that way, even if it is a bit of effort to identify the appropriate cell to use.  Also, remember to use the Split menu item which is in the Window menu.  You can delete the left right split by double clicking on that bar and you move the up down split to a position that is most useful for you.  You do this by dragging on the bar.  You should do this to keep the parameters you need in plain view and/or to be able to see the graph and fill in the answer to the next question at the same time.   Otherwise, you will find yourself scrolling up and down repeatedly and that can be annoying. If you scroll in one pane but leave the other pane fixed, that is the best approach.

I would not watch this movie below till after you have finished the Excel Homework.  It works through the algebra that is behind the graphs and explains the quality choice part in greater depth.  I will not do this in class, because I've learned the extensive algebraic derivations tend to stupefy the students and their eyes glaze over.  But you should watch this eventually and see if you can work through the algebra yourself.  One advantage of the video is that you can stop it at any point to do some calculations with pencil and paper to test your own understanding.  If you have questions about the video, please post them here as a comment.

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