Friday, September 2, 2016

A few comments based on the blogs people are submitting

It would be really good if everyone's blog has their famous economist appearing in the blog title.   Right now some people are submitting their blogs without that.  You can edit the title to get this done.  In your blog dashboard go to Settings.  In the Basic tab, your should see Blog Title and a link to Edit that.

Next, it would be good if your blog description had a disclaimer like - I am a student in Professor Arvan's Econ 490 class.  I am blogging under an alias to protect my true identity using the name of a famous economist for that purpose.

I doubt anyone reading this would think you really are the famous economist, but if somebody stumbles onto your site then they might make an inference about you that they shouldn't make.  So the disclaimer is there to prevent that.

Third, some of you are posting links to references, a good thing.  However, those links are not live like they would be in a Facebook status update.  You should see a Link tool in the Blogger editor.  It works by highlighting the text you want to link and then pasting the link into the dialog box in the appropriate place.  I hope that in the future you can use that linking tool.

Fourth, please give a title to each of your posts.  It is much easier to make a reference to the post if it has a title to go with it.

Finally, please use line spaces between paragraphs.  (And please use paragraphs rather than write one big block of text.)  It is much easier to read if there is a lot of white space to accompany the writing.  Further, since we're not printing these posts out, there is no need to conserve on the length of what you write.

I thank you in advance for adhering to these suggestions.  It will improve my life, for sure, and likely improve yours as well.

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