Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Based on my monitoring - some ideas we'll talk about on Thursday

It seems to me students don't access PowerPoints when I post them as links to calendar entries.  So I will try to make it easier that way posting some stuff in the class site.  Here are a few things we will talk about on Thursday.  This is other than what is listed in the PowerPoint for today, which will also be on the agenda.

1.  More on management -
   a.  Managing up, managing down, managing out.  How does this vary with the size of the organization?  With the nature of the work?
   b.   We talked about building trust.  What destroys trust?
         i)  How should bad news be managed?   No surprises and taking one for the team.
         ii)  Is it ever right to betray a confidence?
  c.  Coordination on (large) committees
        i)  What are meetings of the full committee (good) for?
        ii)  What motivates members to participate vigorously in the committee?
        iii)  The role of the "whip."
        iv)  The of the the committee chair.

2.  More on the course projects.  What are the next couple of steps.  Why should teams do a better job than individuals in this case?  The value and the fun in arguing (in an intellectual sense).

3.  Budgeting as an introduction to transfer pricing.

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