Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Late Blog Posts And Students Failing To Comment

Before I get to the topic in the subject line, let me acknowledge the good work of some students who are submitting their posts in a timely fashion, responding to my comments, and commenting on the posts of their team members.  This is how it should be done by all the students in the class.  The good work of these students shows that is possible.

This week many students submitted posts on Monday or Tuesday.  As my blog reader doesn't immediately get notified of your post, I saw these only after our class on Tuesday, where the posts were discussed.  The late posts defeat the mechanism we have for the class.  This is a warning.  I will not tolerate them at all in the future.  Students who continue to be that late posting will suffer the consequences grade-wise.

Likewise, many students don't seem to be responding to my comments and are not commenting on the posts of their teammates.  This too is a course requirement.  The comments are meant to be done before the class session, as preparation for the in class discussion.


  1. Professor Arvan,

    Do you want us to respond to all of your comments or only the comments where you directly ask for a response?

    Very Respectfully

  2. The purpose of the requirement is: (a) on my comments to acknowledge that you have read them, (b) to provide some response that you deem suitable - one decent paragraph is enough but showing some thought it is what this about, and (c) on your teammates posts the we're at the stage where this just needs to happen more consistently before we discuss how to comment effectively.