Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grades Uploaded Into Moodle

This should take you directly to the class site, after you log in.

In the grades area you should be able to see
(1) the economist whom your alias is based on
(2) two entries of Excel HW grades, one for the tutorial the other for the efficiency homework.  These are each worth 10 points.
(3) tracking of three blogposts - the one about your alias, the one about your experience in organizations, and the one about.  There are no points assigned now.  You just get an x in the comment field to indicate that your post was submitted.

I was told by tech support that this aspect of Moodle is finicky.  Though I navigated that, it did not instill confidence in me about the online quiz.  So I am still considering how that will be delivered.

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