Saturday, September 24, 2016

About the Course Project - Process

The previous post described the format and length requirements for the paper.  In this post we will consider more about what you are to deliver and when.

There will be two drafts - a first draft and a subsequent revision.  The first draft needs to be an earnest effort.  I will then provide detailed feedback on that first draft within the body of the paper using the Track Changes feature of Word and the Comment tool.  I will provide a demo of how to use those tools in class.

When you submit your second draft, accompanying your revision you will included to me a memo of how you addressed each comment from what I sent in the first draft.  This memo is very helpful to me to understand what you did in response.  I will comment on your second draft, probably not inline only at the end, unless there are egregious errors that still need to be fixed.

Assuming your second draft is okay, I will let you know that.  From there you are to make a virtual elevator speech - an overview presentation of your project.  In form, those will be like the PowerPoint presentations I've made for the first few weeks of the class.  These will be posted in Moodle for the class to see.   I will give more instructions on the virtual elevator speech neared to when you will be working on it.

Please remember - in all communication with me about your project copy your teammates on your message.


First Draft Due - October 28 at 6 PM.  The October 28 part is a hard deadline.  I will not accept a paper turned in the next day.  I will process these as fast as I can so you can start on the revision asap.

Second Draft Due - Novemeber 18.  This is the Friday before the Thanksgiving break.  There is a soft deadline here because we don't have class the following week.  But you will enjoy your break more if you meet this deadline as well.

Virtual Elevator Speech Due - December 8 at 6 PM.  This is Reading Day.

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