Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Students Who Have Yet To Set Up Their Blogs - The Weakness of Gift Exchange

As of 8 AM this morning, 22 students have their blogs linked from the class site.  There are 9 students who don't.  I encourage all students to have their blogs set up and linked from the class site by our session Thursday, when I will be assigning students to teams that will endure for the remainder of the semester.

The gift exchange model that we discussed does include a punishment for non-performance....separation.  In reality, that is a very drastic punishment.  There is no discussion in the model of lesser punishments that might be suitable for more minor offenses.  At issue is whether that is a weakness to the approach or if such punishments should be necessarily ad hoc, because the focus is on gifting and collegiality, not on poor performance and punishment.

In this case what we'll do is this.  If students have their blogs linked by Thursday (having emailed me with the link and a post about your economist on your site) then they will be part of the ordinary team forming process.  If there are students who still don't have a blog at that point, those students will be put on the same team(s) and deal with the consequences of that.   This seems fair to me and a way for the slackers not to distract (too much) from the other students who are giving the course a go.

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