Monday, October 3, 2016


1.  In Moodle - Experiment with Quiz Function.  This closes tomorrow before class.  It will take you all of one minute to do and will give you 10 points of course credit (the same as an Excel homework).   The purpose is so you are familiar with this functionality before doing the real quiz.  In particular, you should be able to see how you did, once the quiz closes.

2.  The Excel homework on Coordination, which had been due last Wednesday is now due this Wednesday.  Please get it done.   It has important stuff in it.  Use cell references for computing formulas.  That will save you a lot of trouble.  

3.  The actual quiz will be made available in Moodle immediately after class on Thursday and run through 6 PM on Friday.  I estimate it will take you about 20 minutes.  You might want to set aside more time than that so you don't feel rushed doing it.  It is worth 50 points.

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