Sunday, October 30, 2016

Update on Review of Papers

I had some health issues yesterday and only started to look at the papers today. It has been going slowly.  I hope to have them all done by end of day on Tuesday.

Here is a little general reaction on everything I've read so far.  Jargon from the paper under review gets introduced without giving a definition of it in plain English.  I've already encourage one team to produce a glossary as a prior exercise to writing the paper.  Perhaps each team should do that.  Whether you include your glossary as an appendix or just do it for you as a first step in the writing, I leave to your judgment.

The other big deal issue is giving reasons why as you say what the author argues.  The reasons why are the heart of the paper.  Then you illustrate those with examples.

Some people are doing this a bit better than others.  Nobody I've read yet is doing it really well.  Part of the reason why my reviews are taking a while is that I have to determine what sort of feedback will get you to do this reasonably well in the second draft.

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