Thursday, October 6, 2016

To do list

This is meant to assist you in organizing your own efforts for the course.  These are ordered by importance/immediacy. Also note that there is no Excel homework for next week, in part to help you accomplish the third and fourth items.

1.  Take the Quiz in Moodle. It is available now.

2.  Write the blog post due tomorrow evening.

3.  Read the paper your project team was assigned.  This may be a challenge.  These papers are for the most part not intended for an undergraduate audience.  So if you have questions on what you are reading write those down.  (In other words, take notes.)  This will be a readying activity for you to meet with your team members and discuss the paper.

4.  There is some online presentation/lecture material on our next topic.  It will be available on Monday.  I expect it to take you under an hour to review.  Some of it is on content in Econ 202.  Some of it is on risk preference, which you may have not seen before.  Please do go through it in advance of the Excel homework due a week from Wednesday.

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