Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Update to Moodle Gradebook

I have finished the exercise of tracking your performance with the Excel Homework and the Blogging.  I have transferred those results to Moodle.  You will find 4 new grade entries for the Excel homework.  They are:
Insurance under Asymmetric Information
Principal-Agent Model
Bonus - 10 points.

There is still one more Excel homework on the Shapiro-Stiglitz model.  I expect that you will do that when you return from holiday.

I also made entries for 4 blog posts, those the most recent ones, with the last on the Triangle Principal-Agent model.  There is one more blog post on personal reputations, due at the end of the holiday, and then a wrap up post to review the course.

As the quiz is ongoing now and when it closes I will have been asleep for a couple of hours, in the morning I will look at those and see how the class is performing point-wise.  So there may be a message about that tomorrow.  I will also discuss this in class.


  1. Are we supposed to have a grade for the Excel homework Math Risk and Risk Preference?

  2. Darn! My incompetence at clerical work is showing. I saw I had previously made a column for that so assumed (incorrectly) that I had uploaded those grades already. And I was so proud of myself for doing the rest.

    I will get to that in a few minutes, after my hurt pride recovers a bit.