Monday, November 28, 2016

The Last Blog Post - Due Friday December 2 at 11 PM

Because of Thanksgiving, I am posting this here rather than in the class calendar.  Students do tend to monitor the class site, so I hope this will get read by everyone enrolled.

You have two options to write to.  The first is the prompt I used last year (and in prior years as well).  The second is to do a Williamson-like critique on our class based on two governance decisions that were made.

1.  Last year's prompt:

This is the last post to be done for the course.  I'd like it to be both a review and a critique.  Can you offer up some lessons learned from the course about Organizations that you didn't have already going in?  What about the pedagogic approach we took with the way the live class was structured and the online blogging.  Are there any take aways from that?  Please spend a bit of time talking about your process for doing the blogging and the Excel homework -including the preparation you do and how long it all takes.  Finally, talk about things you would have liked to see in the course but didn't or ways the approach might be improved.

2.  Williamson-like critique:

Two governance decisions were made in the class that impacted behavior thereafter.  The first is in the syllabus.  Attendance was not required for the live class session (though it was encouraged).  The second students voted on after two weeks of the semester.  This was whether students could have portable electronic devices out during the live class session.  The majority was for allowing students to access electronic devices during class.

Please describe how these rules impacted your own behavior.  Then please consider the matter from the perspective of the class as a whole.

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