Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some Linked Content for the Party in Class

The Fun Theory

Wrong Answers Jeopardy

Some music Professor Arvan listened to when he was in college 

From Bob Dylan:
This song was on the flip slide of the album.  It's really wonderful but not that well known.  The big hit at the time was called Tangled Up in Blue and was the first song on side one.   

About Bob Dylan:
This song is from an album by the same name.  Joan Baez has a truly wonderful singing voice and it really shows here.  She and Dylan were once a thing, maybe a decade earlier. 

From Cat Stevens:
This song is from the album Tea for the Tillerman.  The entire album is worth a listen.  I had forgotten about this music entirely until quite recently a friend posted something to rekindle the memory.  Then I realized that Jeep seems to be using one of Cat Stevens' songs in its current commercial.

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