Thursday, November 10, 2016

Considering President Killeen's Massmail in Light of Our Discussion in Class

The snip below is from the IPAC Web site that is referenced in the massmail.  Note that all the metrics of performance - enrollments, retention rates, etc. are on what is referred to as the extensive margin.

There are no metrics on the intensive (quality margin).  Frankly, those are harder to come by.  In our language in class, the intensive margin includes variables that are either observable but not verifiable or variables that are not observable (at low cost).  They include things like how much students learn, how engaged students are, and satisfied students are with the education they are getting.  These things might be measured at the individual course level.  But aggregating up to the university is difficult if not impossible.

If we do emphasize the extensive margin measures, what might happen on the intensive margin?  That is a question to keep in mind with this proposal.

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