Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Exchange with Bob Gordon

While you are settling into the semester, I thought you might find the exchange linked below interesting, though truthfully it is unrelated to our class content.  It is more on macroeconomics, productivity and growth.  I'm more like a diehard fan on these matters and read about them in a variety of periodicals than I am a scholar with professional expertise on these matters.  I do not claim such expertise.

Robert J. Gordon is a true expert in this area.  He has a recent book out called The Rise and Fall of American Growth, which has gotten quite a bit of attention.  I had Gordon for the second quarter of macro during my first year in graduate school, 1976-77.  I've seen him a couple of times since I left Northwestern, but nothing recently.  I had written a blog post based on a piece he wrote in the New York Times.  I sent him a copy and he was gracious enough to reply.

If you do read through this, you will see there are still some puzzles out there that even the foremost expert doesn't yet know the answer to.

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