Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our last class session is Tueday

We will review the blog posts due tomorrow and discuss what students report there.  Following that, I will answer any and all questions students might have about the last quiz and material that might be covered on it.  We will reserve some time at the end for administering the ICES forms.

I observe the following without comment.  Today we had the lowest attendance of the semester.  I believe there were 7 students and because of that  I forced those sitting in the back to come nearer to the front.  Also, among those who were not present, two submitted the Excel homework during the class session and one submitted it after.

I could not get the projector to work today, so much of what I had planned to do went out the window.  I will make a brief video to show some thoughts about the Excel homework - further implications.  However, I am not up to doing that today so I will do it in the morning and post it to the class site when I'm done.

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