Friday, December 9, 2016

Comments Matrix/Moral Hazard with Music Selection

I have just uploaded the Comment Matrix - Second Half into Moodle.  Here I would like to explain what is there.

1.  For each post the alias is credited with a comment if that person made a comment.  Two or more comments don't give any more intensity in the recording.  Neither does a very long comment.  When I get to the qualitative assessment of the comments, which I still must do, it might come into play then.

2.  For the last post I only counted the comment by the author of the post.   I did previously announce this.  One of my broader issues with the class is knowing if an intended message gets through.  Often it seemed it didn't.

3.  There are aggregates, by post and by alias.  Unlike the last time where I did those manually, this time I used formulas in Excel to do the counting.  While mistakes are still possible, surely that makes them less likely.

* * * * *

The virtual elevator speeches have been trickling in.  I launch each one to see whether it will play.  So I get a sense of the music chosen.  In all cases the music appeals to me.  Why is that?  These pieces were supposed to be for students like you who were getting exposed to the subject matter for the first time.  Do you actually listen to classical music and/or jazz?

I won't hold it against you.  I'm just noting it here.  This is another one of those things that didn't happen last year.

Incidentally, another of those things is that the teams actually never chose a name.  They stayed with their letter only.  I wonder if that impacted team performance in any way.

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